<aside> 🌎 Colavo Salon was ****launched by Colavo’s digital-expert founders in 2018


<aside> 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The world fastest growing Salon CRM (180K salons, 72 countries, 22 languages)


<aside> 🎉 Raised series A funding (Total fundraising: $6M)


<aside> 🚀 Always Looking for passionate talents & collaboration (Total employees: 15)



The beauty industry is evolving rapidly. In places like Korea, with its 200K salons, and the US, with over a million, the shift to digital is evident. Colavo Salon stands at the forefront of this transformation, offering cutting-edge software solutions for salons.

Nowadays, salon owners are turning to technology to enhance their businesses, while customers are increasingly using online platforms for salon services and purchasing top-quality beauty products. This trend highlights the growing importance of a digital transformation for salons, service providers.

Our vision at Colavo Salon is not just to provide a salon software but to reshape the entire beauty ecosystem. We see a vast opportunity ahead: a harmonized digital ecosystem where beauty services and products come together, offering unparalleled business opportunities.

Currently, we're assisting 180K salons across 73 countries. Our approach has garnered $6M in investments, a testament to the industry's faith in our direction.

With dedicated teams in Korea, the US and Brazil, we're poised to seize this immense beauty service and product opportunity in the transformed digital landscape. If you're excited about shaping the future of the beauty sector, reach out at [email protected].

Joseph Cheyoung Kim CEO & Founder, Colavo Inc.


Simplified Client Handling by Effortless Automation”

A mobile-first CRM that makes it easy for salons to win and retain clients by streamlining appointments, sending timely reminders, and simplifying essential back-office tasks.

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